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Kidepo Valley National Park

An Island Retreat

Kidepo Valley National Park is Uganda’s most isolated national park but stands out as the most magnificent. Kidepo Valley National Park Uganda ranks top among Africa’s Wilderness areas. The Park is in the heart of a Savannah landscape and borders with distant mountain ranges. It’s definitely one of those virgin places for Uganda Safaris, Uganda Tours, Game Viewing Safaris, Wildlife Safaris and Birding Tours in Uganda. The fact that it lies on the wild frontier region of Karamoja makes it easy for tourists on Uganda safaris & Tours to carry out Cultural safaris and tours in Uganda. Among other great wildlife activities in Kidepo are nature walks and Uganda wilderness safaris not forgetting the beautiful environment around the park, the exceptional and outstanding safari lodges of Apoka, the cool night breeze, the panoramic views of Savannah plains and so many more of nature gifts that Kidepo Valley National Park was gifted with.

Wildlife in Kidepo Valley

This park hosts a great variety of animal species in comparison to any other Ugandan parks. Of the Eighty species recorded in 1971, Twenty eight weren’t known to exist in any other park within Uganda. Carnivore species distinctive to Kidepo are: the Hunting dog, Bat-eared Fox, Cheetah, Striped Hyena, Caracal and the aard Wolf. The more uncommon ungulates are: the greater & Lesser Kudu, roan antelope, Chandler’s mountain Reedbuck, beisa oryx, Klipspringer and Bright’s Gazelle, have been greatly decreased by poachers within the past few years. Among the other big ungulates are: elephants, oribi, burchell’s zebras, Jackson’s hartebeests, bush pigs, bohor reed buck, warthogs, rothschild giraffes, defassa water bucks, cape buffaloes, elands, bush duskiers and bush bucks . Five primate species are found within the park of which the most endemic is the Kavirondo bush baby. Carnivores existing include Uganda safari Lions, side-striped jackals, leopards, black-backed jackals, various small cats as well as spotted hyenas. The simplest to see is the jackals.

Birding in Kidepo Valley

The park is outstanding for its birds of prey, of which 58 species have been recorded including lammergeier (Gypaetus barbatus), Verreaux’s eagle (Aquila verreauxii), the pygmy falcon (Polihierax semitorquatus), and Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus). Fourteen raptors are unique to this park in Uganda. Of the hornbills (Bucerotidae) which are characteristic of the savannah habitat, five species are represented. Some of Africa’s rarest and most sought after birds occur in KVNP, including the the Karamoja apalis (Apalis karamojae) and black-breasted barbet (Lybius rolleti). Kidepo Valley National Park is approximately 12 hours from Kampala by road. Regular scheduled flights by Aero Link take about 2 hours and fly into Kidepo from Entebbe airport. Charters can easily be arranged as well by Aero Link, Eagle Air, Kampala Aero Club, and Ndege Jju.

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